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FindingKing Magnifiers

Findingking magnifiers is the perfect way to improve your photography and inspection skills. Our magnifiers are 10x magnification, and can being provide with a photographers inspection loupe. These tools can help you to take pictures that are 12x more detailed than normal.

10X Black & Gold Color Hexagonal Eye Loupe Jewelers Magnifyi

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Findingking's magnifiers are the perfect addition to your optical toolkit. With two 5. 5x black round eyes, you have plenty of vision for looking through your telescope or mirror. The displeasingly small size can be improved with a few eagletronics features, but be sure that you're getting a quality tool that can handle your larger telescopes.
looking for a way to improve your stamp-making skills? or to find new and unique stamps? then this is the perfect article for you! The 10x folding magnifier for stamps is perfect for low-light conditions, and can help see detail that you would be unable to see with other tools. With its precision and wide field of view, you will be able to find all the detail you need in your stamps!
this 10x black, gold color hexagonal eye loupe jewelers magnifying tool has 21mm diameter and is hexagonal in shape. It is made from 10x black, and is fitted with iris and lens adjustment screws. The tool also has a metric size, according to the standard used by jewelers. This finder has a tourmaline-shaped lens, which helps make vision better. The tool has a black grip, while the color is available in gold.